Ireland Baldwin Super Revealing Hotness

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michael-garcia - July 29, 2016

Professional hot person and all around sexy beast Ireland Baldwin posted these eye-poppingly good pics on Instagram. She's wearing some robe type thing that is open to reveal a whole lotta cleavage. Like, melt your face off hot cleavage. Ireland takes after her mom, and her dad for a few years there in the 30 Rock days, and has a massive set of hooters. To borrow a phrase from the great philosopher Wayne Campbell, "She'd give a dog a bone". Then she dispenses with the robe altogether and just wears some glittery red body paint. That's a good look for her. I think she should paint on her clothes every day. Why spend all that money on designer couture when you can just slather on a couple of coats of glitter and hit the town?

I'm a man ahead of my time in my thinking on women's paint fashion. Some dismiss the idea that you can just wear body paint all the time. I hate naysayers. 


Photo Credit: Instagram