Ireland Baldwin Bikini Show For Instagram

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bill-swift - August 4, 2015

Ireland Baldwin follows in the tradition of her family in being really really good-looking. Only with her, unlike with Alec, you don't have to question things about yourself when you find them attractive. But I digress. In these pics from Instagram, Ireland shows off her bikini body like a champ. After all, isn't that what Instagram is for. That and taking pictures of your food and cats, of course. But much more than a delicious quiche or a picture of Mr. Wiggles, I do so love a picture of a hottie like Ireland. That's why I have Instagram in the first place. That's why everyone has it. But I wasn't following her specifically. I am going to change that right now. 

Speaking of sexy genetics, I recently rewatched the Michael Keaton Batman with Ireland's mom Kim Basinger. She was a serious hottie back in the day. No wonder she captured Bruce Wayne's heart. 

Photo Credit: Instagram