Iran Tells the FLOTUS Flesh to Argo-F#ck Itself at the Oscars

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bill-swift - February 27, 2013

See something odd about the image above? And no, I'm not talking about the woman in uniform to the right Michelle Obama totally checking out her ass. I'm talking about the First Lady's dress. On the left you'll see the actual image from last Sunday's Oscars telecast in which Mrs. Obama announced the Best Picture winner via satellite while Jack Nicholson grumbled and reigned supreme on stage back in Los Angeles. The image on the right is the one that appeared in Iran's Fars News Agency with sleeves and a much, much higher neckline photoshopped on to the First Lady's dress to comply with conservative standards of the Iranian government. Because well-toned arms and traps lead to dangerous things my friends.

And I mean, forget photoshop, it looks like they used MS Paint to get the job done, having to blur the entire image so you couldn't tell about the digital Project Runway that took place. Obviously no one in Iran's government knows how to 'make it work.'

It was probably a double slap to the face for Iran that a skin-showing Michelle Obama gave away the Oscar for Best Picture to Argo, a film that according to the Christian Science Monitor is seen as 'as pro-CIA, anti-Iran propaganda' by its country's officials and has not been screened in theaters. Though DVD copies of the movie are apparently being sold on the streets of Tehran for a buck. Which makes me wonder why I haven't just been buying bootleg copies of movies from Iran all this time. A buck?! Screw, Amazon, I'm on the next flight over.

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