Introducing Apple’s Not So Amazing iOS 6 Maps–Ready to Dive Into the Unknown?

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bill-swift - October 4, 2012

Apple really screwed up when they rolled out iOS 6 Maps way before it was ready. Google's probably laughing their asses off about the entire thing, which has a lot of users' panties in a bunch. Sure, the iPhone 5 is selling like hotcakes, but count this as strike one for Apple.

So what can you expect with iOS 6 Maps? Aside from crappy images, misplaced towns and cities, and lakes where there are none and land where there's supposed to be water, nothing much, really. Landmarks are all over the place, recommended routes suggest that you drive a couple of miles on train tracks, and sometimes, one side of town seems to be elevated a couple of feet off the ground from the other side.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard (or seen it yet)--Las Vegas is melting according to the cartographers of Apple.

When did the world suddenly become so messed up? When Apple rolled out iOS 6 Maps, that's when! Tim Cook knows what a huge mistake the entire app is and he's since apologized to the legions of fanboys who are complaining about the whole mess. Heck, he's even telling users to use Google Maps until they manage to sort everything out with their Maps app. What a mess.

Click on over to our gallery for a couple of iOS 6 Map's not-so-shining moments. Then check this site out for more.

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