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bill-swift - May 13, 2005

"To conquer fear, you must become fear."

Alright, so I was a bit lazy putting this one up, but not because this latest Batman trailer isn't good, but just because I was lazy. It's actually pretty good, and adds a little more unseen footage. I don't know exactly what makes it "international," there weren't any dubbed languages of subtitles. It does, however, explore more of Bruce Wayne's motivations for becoming Batman, so maybe it's trying to fill in those people not too familiar with the Batman origin story. You can get it at, or choose a quicktime file below.

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Also, SuperHeroHype has revealed that the running time for Batman Begins will be 139 minutes, 55 seconds (or 2 hours, 20 minutes for us people with watches). Aren't you glad you know that now?

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