intelliPaper: Paper Flash Drives That You Can Shred to Wipe Your Data (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 21, 2012

Got something to hide? Want to send a message in the geekiest, most creative way possible? Then you need something like the intelliPaper, which is basically a flash drive that's made out of paper. Think again before you discount it as just a piece of paper because it works and functions just like a regular USB drive.

intelliPaper is made by embedding a small silicon chip into ordinary paper using their patented process. The team behind it haven't actually gotten around to mass-producing them, but have instead turned to crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo to fund it.

intelliPaper has gone viral since it was launched and it's definitely an interesting project. Oddly enough, it's not getting much support, since they're less than 3% funded at this point (and the campaign ends in four days!)

Oh, well. Maybe they'll have better luck next time.

Check It Out: $20

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