Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask is the Only Flask You’ll Ever Need

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bill-swift - November 23, 2013

The Ink Whiskey flask is as discrete as flasks get. It also brings back waves of nostalgia with every gulp of your poison of choice. It's shaped in the form of a video game cartridge. You know, those gray cartridges that you used to plug into your gaming console a decade or so ago.

Ink Whiskey is dubbed as 'concealable' for the simple fact that it's concealable. Because it looks like a video game cartridge, who would suspect that it actually contains a couple ounces of your favorite booze?

Ink Whiskey's makers are currently seeking to raise funding to make these flasks into a reality. They've set up a campaign on Kickstarter, where people who pledge at least $15 will get one of their very own. Different rewards are offered for higher pledge amounts, with flasks bearing different game brands on the cartridges.

Get It: $15

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