Infographic Daily: Social Media Class of 2011 Yearbook

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

It's hard to keep track of social media networks nowadays, what with news one popping every month or so on the interwebs. Most people might be most faithful to Facebook, given it's the network of choice that they log on to every day, but that doesn't mean they didn't cheat by signing up for other sites in the past.

Not that it's bad to have accounts on different social media sites. But it's not very smart to just forget about the ones you don't plan on using anymore, because you're leaving all that personal information out in the open.

Forgot which sites you've got an account on? No worries, because this Social Media Class of 2011 Yearbook can help you out by jogging your memory. (Or it could make you want to open an account on a new social network that interests you.) Check it out!

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