Infographic Daily: Fathom these Fun Facebook Factoids

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bill-swift - August 12, 2012

Like it or not, Facebook has become a part of your life. Need to get in touch with someone you knew from college? Want to invite people to your party next week in a hassle-free way? Thinking of announcing a fundraiser you're hosting or a garage sale you're organizing? Chances are, you'll turn to Facebook to do all three of these--and more.

But how much do you know about that social network you frequent so much? Sure, you log on everyday, and you might be aware of its basic stats and news. Like the fact that they have close to a billion users and recently went public, only to have their stocks flop?

We've got a bunch of useless (but fun!) Facebook trivia you probably didn't have a clue about. Find out who's the most popular celebrity on the site (it's Rihanna) and if a user named Hugh Jass really got banned (he did) by checking out our hilariously enlightening gallery above!

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