Indiana Jones Newest Adventure Is To Take More of Your Money

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bill-swift - August 16, 2012

In a move that could be conceived either the cinematic equivalent of a big bottle of Listerine to wash the taste of Crystal Skulls out of our mouths or as just another way to get us to part with more of our money for a movie we've most likely seen three dozen times, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have announced plans to re-release Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mother of all adventure films, into IMAX theaters for one week this September.

Despite the fact that most IMAX screens are not technically only marginally larger than most moviehouse screens, I go back and forth from thinking the news is worthy of melting my face off to really cringing at the thought of just handing over more money for a movie I already own on VHS, DVD, and as of this fall, on BluRay. Behind all the gimmicks, all the re-releases and special editions, it's really just a scam isn't it? A scam that throws us a few extra minutes of footage which is typically bad enough to explain why it wasn't included in the first place, and in exchange we shell out another fifteen dollars all to pad the coffers of people like George Lucas and James Cameron. 

Check the gallery out for some examples of studio gimmicks made to rip you off.

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