Indiana High School Girl Drills Accidental Three Pointer, Announcers Go Nuts

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bill-swift - January 4, 2013

It's a great week for high school kids to deliver highlights. First we had skywalking Victor Dukes, now we have Gabrielle Gary from McCutcheon High School in Indiana. Gabrielle knocked down seven three pointers in her team's win over Lafayette Jeff, but one of them was a little different than the rest.

This happened in the first quarter, so this set the tone for the rest of Gabrielle's night. She chases down a long rebound, but just as she's getting her hands on it, she starts falling out of bounds. Instinctively she heaves the ball towards the basket, but instead of just falling into the lane, the ball hits the rim, spins and falls through the hoop.

h/t SportsGrid

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