Indian Snack Superheroes?

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bill-swift - January 17, 2015

I love Indian food, like a lot. I spent three weeks in India eating nothing but Indian food and I never got tired of it. But I must admit that half the time I have no idea what I'm eating. Maybe that's not smart on my part. Perhaps my glutony is so much that I just don't care. If an Indian friend is handy I ask them to explain it to me. If not I just shovel it into my face. I do recognize stuff I've had before and will gravitate towards them if I see them. That's why I find these drawings of Indian snacks as superheroes by Delhi artist Rajkamal Aich so endearing. I know that it's a bunch of stuff that I like though I have no clue what it is. That's the thing about me, I'm an equal opportunity glutton. I just like to eat.

My favorite is Jalebi Woman. Have you had a jalebi? That $hit is delicious.

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