American Apparel Model Topless For Clothing Sales and Controversy (and Pretty Peeks)


I suppose the whole American Apparel sort of kind of exploits young women meme is on the back-burner these days. Not that it's been adjudicated or resolved, just that the media has a short attention span. Nevertheless, the edgy young women's clothing company continues to get hot girls topless for their promotional photoshoots which is a practice I sort of have to stand behind in general, provided no funky business is taking place.

The model is Jenya D, who probably rightfully only wants to use the initial of her last name. I do the same when dating women who work in laboratories or other experimental settings where they may have access to harsh poisons or acids. Just in case. Jenya perhaps for another reason. I believe she's selling plastic pants. I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I keep instinctively reaching for my wallet. I know I can't fit into those pants. Enjoy.

Cassie Cardelle Pimping the Water With Her Top Open As Per Beach Rules

My first time laying peeps upon Cassie Cardelle is a memorable one. The next in line for a 138 Water photoshoot d'jour and well worth her place in the line. Cassie doesn't go bikini for her shoot, more the sextastic tease at the beach in short shorts and an unbuttoned top showing off a good amount of her topless wares. I'm a flexible guy. I can ogle a beautiful girl half nekked at the beach in any number of outfits. I know. Amazing.

I hope we get to see more of Cassie, out of her clothes, and perhaps even away from pimping expensive bottled water. Say, my balcony at midnight with nothing but a scarf. I'm just throwing that out there as a suggestion. I don't actually have a balcony. Or a scarf. We can totally improvise, Cassie. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Wet Haired and White Hot in Elle

I'm trying to think of somebody who transforms as wonderfully as Emma Watson for magazine pictorials. Certainly, she's a confidently hot young actress offline, but when she hits the pages of fashion magazines with the whole shebang, something one level higher just exudes from every pixel. She's just so damn hot. Like a real bit of magic.

Featured in the coming month's Elle U.K. magazine, Emma shows exactly why everybody and anybody wants to have her sextastic presence modeling in their periodicals. She is an eye stopped of the highest level. Obviously, I'd love to see her in even less, but I'm afraid to offend the gods by asking for too much. So I'll just imagine that part myself. I'm quite experienced in such matters. Enjoy.

Anastasia Harris Topless in Slinky Lingerie Because That Just Feels Good


Anastasia Harris just seems like a girl I'd like to see topless every day of the year. I suppose that's only possible if you're her boyfriend, so I might just allow myself to take that position if it is offered. I shall wait by my Skype for the call from England.

The sultry brunette glamour model from England really is one of the finer reasons to keep your eyesight healthy. I'd eat a million carrots just to maintain my 20-20 on this ridiculously hot body of Anastasia preening about topless in little silky lingerie. This is the sacrifice I so pledge, Anastasia. If you could just be topless when I get home from work, or you know, home from pretending to look for work, that would be the bees knees. Every great relationship is founded on deals such as these. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini, Jen Selter Thumper, Charlotte McKinney Boobtastic Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Every week it seems the girls of the ego are desperate to be approved of on Egotastic, which is not the least bit desperate, and every bit wonderfully awesome. As it turns out, we have a couple or three guys who delight in seeing these ladies sharing their self-published flesh for the sole purpose of you saying how hot they are and them feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and hopefully showing off more the next time. Our own sextastic ecosystem right here online. How lovely.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Charlotte McKinney and her boobtastic of glory, Jen Selter and her world class thumper, LeAnn Rimes bikini beach candid, Anastasia Ashley wicked hot surfer girl pics, Nicole Scherzginer super flexible, Emily Ratajkowski two piece allure, Bar Refaeli outright passion inducement, and much much more. You owe it to every single piece of barfed out candy corn this weekend to check out each and every one of these faptastic social media shares. I promise, they will lift your spirits. Enjoy.

Ronda Rousey Covered Topless And Other Fine Things To Ogle

MMA hottie Ronda Rosey poses topless for Buffalo Jeans. (COED)

Aubrey O'Day has one seriously fantastic booty. (TMZ)

Lauren Conrad sticks some shells on her funbags and calls it a costume. (Huffington Post)

Laura Stone lets her jubblies out fro Juergen Teller. (Drunken Stepfather)

Make no mistake, Courtney Cox still has an amazing rack. (Hollywood Tuna)

Elsa Hosk sure knows how to fill out a bra. (Popoholic)

Say what you want about Jenny McCarthy, she's got boobs that don't quit. (The Superficial)

Taylor Swift Legs Literally Shining on Good Morning America

I get that the Taylor Swift shitck is aimed at teenaged girls and their parents' credit cards. Still, I always tune with the volume off to check out those long pop diva legs I lust so dearly. Standing about six inches taller than any of her well known peers, Taylor has the advantage of having long and lovelies to mold into even hotter gams with her daily workout sessions at the gym. She really does own my title in the stem department these days.

Taylor, if ever you feel the need to wrap those bad girls around some typically horrible ex-boyfriend type and attempt to squeeze the life out of him, I volunteer. I can go ninety seconds before I start making out with Farrah in the next world. That's just an approximation. Enjoy.