Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Glover Takes Us Out for the Weekend With Her Office Kittens


I love Fridays. I lust Emma Glover. This is a match made in Egotastic! heaven. The passion inducing bosom brunette hottie glamour model gets down and ta-ta showy in her home office in order to titillate and keep you from getting any last work done before the weekend. As if work is something important. Nobody ever says on their deathbed how they wished they'd worked more. I can tell you many many will wish they had spent more time ogling and motorboating perfectly plump chest pillows like Emma. Myself included.

On the final day of the work week, we celebrate the rightful righteous set of love mounds that make this world go round in a peacefully passionate manner. This spinning orb has enough of the dark side, the hot chest side is the path to happiness. Embrace some boobies. Thank God It's Funbags!

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Epic Wet and Oiled Thumper Duet in Booty

Wow, I mean, just wow. If you happen to call yourself an assman, which actually is how my business card line item for occupation reads, then you have to be a fan of Jennifer Lopez and Iggly Azalea in the new music video Booty. Granted, the music is rather silly and contrived and been done a million times, but the sight of J-Lo and Iggy Azalea slapping curvy bottom sides together, not to mention their own, well, the French call this magnifique I believe.

I know the rumors are that Iggy might be artificially sweetening her arse, but I've always felt that Jennifer was one of those lucky birds who inherited and trained her finely curved derriere. Either way, not the kind of questions I ask while watching two women pretend to make out and then rub their oiled down cheeks against one another to make beautiful music. There is a time for talk and there is a time for silent drooling. This would be the latter. Enjoy.

The Willis Girls Go Splishy Splashy And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Tallulah and Scout Willis take a bath together. Thank you Jesus. (Drunken Stepfather)

Ginita Lapina models some lingerie for you. Just for you. (Hollywood Tuna)

Oh, Lauren Budd you know the way to my heart. Prancing around in underwear. (Popoholic)

Sofia Vergara is the Picasso of shaking her funbags. (The Chive)

Kindly Myers has an unfortunate name but very fortunate ta-tas. (COED)

Yara Khmidan models for Love and Lemons and it is hot as F. (WWTDD)

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea bang booties for the love of baby oil (Idolator)

I know this video is a joke of realistic Hollywood love scenes, but it's pretty hot. (College Humor)

‘The Evil Within’ Continues Shoveling on the Creepy-Ass: New TGS Trailer (VIDEO)

The Evil Within
What is it they say in Brit-tastic campy pantomimes?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of horror. The first is a more subtle affair. Psychological horror is about maintaining and developing that atmosphere of pure creepy-ass, until you’re left a sobbing, fearful husk before your TV set (although, obviously, mantastic as we all are, that’s never happened to us). Perhaps you’ve also shat your undercrackers.

While we’re generally generalizing it up with our generalizations, this is more of a Japanese style. Secondly, there’s the ‘Western’ approach to horror. This is a more blunt, balls-out gore-leaky deal, with flayed limbs flying about the room and impaled scrotes and all of that fun stuff.

So, The Evil Within, which side are you on? First and foremost, the game has always emphasised its goretacular ideals. We expected hideous beasts from the depths of Satan’s u-bend to chew on our faces, and we’ve got them. But let’s spare a moment for the underlying story too.

Is there enough macabre weirdery going on behind the scenes? Perhaps. There’s an enigmatic melty-faced dude prattling about something or other, anyway. Who is this crazy bastard? How does he now 'own' you, and what is he going to make you do? Shouldn’t he try to Krazy Glue his effing skin back on?

Check it out above, as this latest TGS trailer (via IGN) fails to answer all these questions. And a couple more besides.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Snorkeling Blow Holes of Intense Wet Booty Hotness

I'd watch Anais Zanotti do her laundry in a bikini and be content all the live long day. Especially when she gets down to washing her intimates, I must add. But the sight of the French sextastic stunt woman and model hitting the underwater parts of the planet blue in nothing but a two piece and a snorkel and mask, well, that has me thinking all kinds of Bond girl underwater doing the dirty fun time dreams.

Anais has firmly planted her sextastic bikini body flag on Miami Beach this past year, providing oh so many wonderful ogle worthy skin filled views. Now she's departing the beach for the underseas environs to give the fishes s little glimpse into the heaven that awaits them should karma bring them back as humans.

Toni Garrn Groovy Euro Hotness in Exotic Beachwear

Leonardo DiCaprio might be reveling in the more intimate parts of German model Toni Garrn, but that doesn't mean I can't leer and drool and dream of Toni and her striking looks and lean hot body being a part of my breakfast cereal and beer daily diet regimen. What's Leo got that I don't got? Please don't hurt me by making a list.

Toni took a turn modeling some fancy swimsuits and beachwear for Agua de Coco against some pretty cool looking aquariums, though I feel kind of silly for noticing anything beyond the sultry allure of Toni Garrn, a girl who didn't just happen to become a model, but was plucked by the pros at a young age because of her certain 'it' factor. I'm not sure what 'it' is, I only know I want 'it' very badly. If the penguin wish to watch, that's totally up to them. Enjoy.

Scotland Sticks With England, We Stick With Scottish Model Zoi Nekkid Hotness for Another Playboy.TV Free Offer


Every Scottish gent and lady I know voted for independence from the U.K, but go figure, I must know a certain subset because the Northern European land of Braveheart chose to remain with the United Kingdom in the big referendum yesterday. Alas, my blue war paint and haggis flavored victory candies went wasted. But, as a man who prides himself on turning lemons into lemonade, and clothed women into unclothed women more importantly, let's celebrate the still strong and proud Scottish people and culture with a look at Zoi, a Scottish super hottie who bared her wares on the pages of Playboy magazine.


Our friends at PlayboyPlus and Playboy.TV have always supported our efforts to visually explain the news and to give Ego readers an offer that you simply can't refuse. Or really should. 7 Days Free to Check Out Playboy.TV, which is one of my five must premium experiences on the Interweb. I've never heard a complaint from a Playboy.TV subscriber, other than the occasional grunt and perhaps some light bitching about chafing in the nether regions. It's like Netflix, but without all the boring non-nude stuff and Belgian indie films. I give Playboy.TV two hearty thumbs up. Check it out for free. And, naturally, Pog mo thón! Enjoy.