Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Pictures Little Blurs of Hot Bodiness from Cabo

Once again, the men I pay entirely with Los Lobos mixed tapes caught another fine celebrity suntanning down Cabo way from their telescopic lensed perches in the palm trees lining the resort. Ever climbed a palm tree? Well, it's worth a few Los Lobos mixed tapes when your reproductive knuckles snag on a trunk knot. Um, not that I know firsthand. But, on to the hotties... because we caught Kourtney Kardashian bikini suntanning at the resort in a rather rare bikini appearance for the eldest and perhaps least publicly shot of the Kardashian sisters. Though that is a relative scale.

After two children now, Kourtney is still looking mighty fine in her two piece swimsuit, her pert asstastic and those slightly modified mum teats perfectly situated in the sun. It's a bit blurry to catch anything to gripe about, which is perhaps the upside of shooting from twenty nautical miles away. On Google Earth, everybody looks hot. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Manu Junkes Drop Dead Bare Topless Hotness from Brazil to Your Lower Hearts


Oh, blessed end of the week, and a holiday weekend upcoming to boot. Don't be hating on Easter as it is the season of girls in cute outfits and all things cute and fuzzy and edible. Oh, the hams that will be squeezed this weekend. Yes, I do love a Good Friday. Bolstered this week by the diabolically hot blonde looks of Brazilian model Manu Junkes who delivers a knockout blow of the bare boobtastic as Bella da Semana girl in her home nation which must be mighty proud.

On Fridays, we celebrate all that is round and worthwhile in this world. Manu's perfectly plump happy campers make me feel like blowing a horn and throwing confetti. Though that's not a horn, nor is that other thing confetti. But substitutions are perfectly acceptable on a Friday. Thank God It's Funbags!

This “Frozen”/”Game Of Thrones” Mash-up Is Everything

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Game of Thrones is by far my favorite TV show that's on right now. Maybe ever. Maybe it's because I'm a huge dork and a show with dragons and swords is right in my wheelhouse but I can't get enough. I've also read the books multiple times. It's just amazing. And yes, George R.R. Martin is pretty ruthless with his characters but I think that's one of the reasons it's so good. Everyone is in danger of eating it at any moment. Frozen is also really good. Probably one of the best cartoon movies in a decade. So, naturally someone thought it was about time to do a mash-up to "Let It Go". This video says everything people are thinking and it's pretty friggin' hilarious.


READER FINDS: Lucy Liu Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, Alan Thicke’s Wife’s Nipples, and Much Much More…


Oh, it's good to be back from my brief break. Sure, it was an honor to receive the Pasty White Blogger of the Year at the Computer Monitor Glazed Eyes Awards in Laughlin this week. Not to mention the gaggle of hot female bloggers in attendance. Yes, they're all as good looking as the male bloggers if you can imagine. But, be it ever so humble and filled with pornography, there really is no place like home. And on a Friday thankfully. Just in time to rip open the Reader Finds email bag and see what nekkid fun lay inside. Will the wonderments never cease? I sure hope not.

(Credits coming shortly, I promise, I really need to wizz. Overshare?)

Elisandra’s Boobtastic Lingerie Spread and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Elisandra Tomacheski boobtastic and bringing it in lingerie (Popoholic)

Olivia Wilde gets butt nekkid (Drunken Stepfather)

Jen Selter in yoga pants gives me yogurt pants (Starpulse)

Kim Kardashian white hot in deep cleave (The Superficial)

Sextastic singles ready to mingle (The Chive)

Lelia Thomas was born to pimp out bikinis (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Pugh bares booty and then some (Drunken Stepfather)

Kelly Brook Bikini Pimping Her Hot Body in Two Pieces of Self-Designed Goodness

I'm trying to asses if my feelings of passion for Kelly Brook are heightened by her designing her own line of bikini swimwear she's modeling for New Look. I don't typically have feelings one way or another for anything fashion, but I am imagining how many times Kelly tried on samples in the mirror to see if her outragrously curvaceous female form fit ever so snugly and barely into the bikinis. Oh, to be a fly on her sugar walls.

Kelly Brook is one of my all-time favorite lady lovable sextastic celebrities. She always seems to have the perfect smile to match her killer soft curves. Her boobtastic alone makes her a winner in my book of deviant thoughts, the idea that she's designing bikini tops to temporarily cover her chest muffins sort of heightens the tease. Though this could merely be a case of me kissing Kelly's ass so she'll finally agree to meet. I'm searching my soul for honesty these days. Enjoy.

Are You Man Enough to Earn PlayStation 4′s Hardest Trophies?

Since the inception of Trophies and Achievements, there have been hunters. Those brave, intrepid souls who insist on acquiring that Platinum or 100% rating. However, y’know, effin’ ridiculous or tedious the tasks at hand may be. All in the name of having a massive e-peen to wave about.

Or OCD, but generally it’s that first thing.

Anywho, the advent of PS4 brought us a further element to Trophies. Each now displays the percentage of your fellow players who have earned it. With a convenient scale from common to are-you-freaking-kidding, you can see instantly who is as man-tastic as you. Are you one of the 0.1% who have successfully attained the 'final level of Awesomeness’ in Rayman Legends? Because if you aren’t, frankly, you really do deserve to be enslaved.

In honor of PlayStation 4‘s seven million sales, IGN have assembled the hardest, rarest and ball-bustingest trophies on the console so far. Most of them are Platinums, naturally (those for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and Killzone: Shadow Fall among them), but there are some surprises too. Take a look, and cry a little at your lack of proficiency in TowerFall and SteamWorld Dig and such.