In Preparation for the iPhone 5, Apple Goes on the Lawsuit Offensive

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bill-swift - September 7, 2012

Apple has invited reporters to a news conference next week in San Francisco with all signs pointing to a big announcement about the release of Apple's iPhone 5. If this is true, the announcement comes just week after the company won a 1 billion dollar patent lawsuit against Samsung after a jury decided the latter had ripped off ideas from the iPhone and iPad for its own smartphone and tablet products by using Google's Android software.

When people think of Apple, they've begun to think 'litigious.' The company is in court more often than an NFL running back. They file one patent violation after another, growing more and more vicious against other companies who they believe (albeit more likely) stole their software.

So who do we think Apple is going after next? Check out the gallery for a few of our ideas.

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