In Honor of PS4‘s Release, Sony and Microsoft are now Ball-Touching Best Buddies

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bill-swift - November 19, 2013

Or, y'know, something to that effect. They've stopped being assholes to each other for now, at any rate; a possible first step towards world gaming peace.

As the above image will attest, Team Xbox penned a congratulatory Tweet for PlayStation 4's launch day. It's hardly reaching Shakespearean sonnet levels of enthusiasm and affection (unless he wrote one called Actually, on Second Thought, She's Not Really That Sextastic. Must've Been Drunk. She's Got a Lazy Eye and Her Nose is Off-Center. Which he didn't, because ol' Will would never have managed to fit that title on the page), but it's nice enough all the same.

It's a cutthroat industry, after all. These bastards aren't above making utterly shit-tastic puns at their competitors' expense. Remember Sega does what Ninten-don't? How the hell do you fight such ball-busting wit? You don't, that's how. You simply book yourself into the nearest hospital's burn unit and hope it's the hot nurse's night on sponge bath duty.

But anywho. Sony responded by wishing the impending Xbox One good luck, Destructoid reports. So, will the next generation of gaming be a friendly one? Not judging by the general unpleasantness of Youtube comments on the matter, it won't.

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