Imogen Thomas Purple And Silver Bikini Curves In Miami

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bill-swift - April 11, 2016

It has really been three years now since we've seen the visual splendor of Imogen Thomas, the busty British sometimes troublemaker who broke a lot of hearts and made some number of babies as she sped through tabloid gossip papers over a period a couple years time. Her name and bouncy bosomy body were connected to any number of athlete girlfriend scandals and rumors of men who shouldn't have been fondling her funbags doing so with nervous aplomb. Then, she disappeared. She ghosted us. She could've left some panties or such behind.

Now, Imogen is back, still carrying a little bit of baby weight, but showing off her new bikini line in Miami. It's hard to actually find a female celebrity who doesn't have a recreational or athletic clothing line these days. I assume it's the money, not that many people could possible be interested in shmata design. Nevertheless, her two piece cuts do flatter the curvaceous woman with a lot of cushion for the pushing. I still love that phrase, and the images it connotes. Imogen, splendid to have you back in the fold. I don't measure my wealth by money, I measure it by the number of floppy sweet teats in our array of sextastic flesh. Yours are bank. Enjoy

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews