Imogen Thomas Pregnant Body Show Helps Turns Blue Monday into Almost MILFtastic Monday

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bill-swift - January 21, 2013

According to some British scientist (and who even knew they had those), the third Monday of January is scientifically the most depressing day of the year for the most number of people in Great Britain. Something to do with Christmas bills coming due, the weather being cold and sucky, and the corner market being out of kidney pies, or something like that. But not everybody on the Isle of England seems to be dour and down today. Take for instance Imogen Thomas, knocked up by some bloke we can't remember, and looking all kinds of hot in her preggo covered topless posings.

Now, you know of our hot nekkid pregnant woman fetish. We will no longer apologize. And as for feeling blue this Blue Monday, well, the only thing blue right now is our... excuse me, not in front of the baby! Enjoy.