Imogen Thomas Form Fitting Hotness for U.K. Lingerie Awards (with Bonus Sweaty Workout Promotional Photos)

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bill-swift - September 9, 2011

I'm not exactly sure what precisely constitutes the U.K. Lingerie Awards, I only know that I'm offended I was not invited. Who loves lingerie more than a man who spends three days a week secreted beneath the discount panties table at the local Victoria's Secret mall store? That's right, nobody.

Also, what I don't understand, why I don't get to see the ridiculously busty and hot Imogen Thomas in the lingerie she was wearing to the lingerie awards. I mean, I can imagine, oh, how I can imagine, what she has on underneath her super-form fitting dress. And it's a fun past time. But certainly, the real thing would be better (unless, of course, she's wearing nothing at all under that dress, in which case, it would be much better). Still, us being lust-filled catatonic Imogen Thomas passion monkeys, we just had to share some more Imogen-skin with our readers, so definitely take a look at these downright amazing promotional stills from Imogen's workout DVD. I guess if you want to have a body like Imogen, you'll buy her DVD. Or, if you just want to ogle her body, which is why I own three copies. Enjoy.