Imogen Thomas Busts Out of Scandal Mode With Boobtastic Flare

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bill-swift - June 10, 2011

Well, the Ryan Giggs U.K. affair(s) is getting to be nearly as seedy as Weinergate over here in the States, with new revelations that the Manchester United footballer was not only unfaithfully knocking boots with super sexy Welsh glamour model, Imogen Thomas, but also apparently had a long term outside-the-marriage boinkfest going on with his sister-in-law. (This is actually better than The Tudors.) And, if I were laying odds with a London bookmaker, I'd bet my entire mint-in-box Jedi action figure collection that if there's two honeys, there's twenty.

Apparently, the super sextastic Imogen Thomas took the news that she is but one of multiple side dishes pretty hard (it's apparently a mistress pecking order thing that men will never understand) and on top of all the media hounding from the Giggs affair, Imogen has been hiding herself from the public. But, no longer. Imogen took to the London pub and club scene last night in a rather delightfully revealing little red dress that flashed her award-winning cleavage in fine night time fashion. On top of this, our good friend at Nuts magazine released a pictorial from Imogen Thomas that gives some bodily evidence as to why a man (let alone a Man U man) would be willing to cheat on both his wife and his sister-in-law. Oh, what a tangled and naughty sexual web we weave. Enjoy.