IGN’s ‘Best of GTA V’ Bonanza Has All the Talking Dogs, Bond Cars and Jeeps Driving Out of Planes’ Cargo Holds You Could Ever Want (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - September 9, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V. Is it the ball-busting best game of (last) year? Of several years, in fact? Is it just a craptacular heap of overhyped hokum? That's in the eye of the beholder, Ego-friends, it's not for us to decide for you.

Don't look at us, we don't even know what the hell 'hokum' is.

Whatever your view, there's one thing the game abso-effing-lutely does have: a crazy sense of action movie style. And a deep lust for all things guntastic. Which is two things, granted, but it's totally got both of them.

This is IGN's round-up of the game's best moments. The funniest missions, the most bizarre, the most shit-your-pants Michael Bay melodramatic... they're all here. Franklin's trippy Doctor Doolittle moment with the disappearing dog (‘man, that's a cool-ass dog you've got, homie') was a highlight for sure, but it's just the beginning.

As the Interwebs likes to say, it all escalates rather quickly, and you're soon driving an effing jeep straight out of a plane's cargo hold like the crazy mofo you are. Take a look, and see how many of your favorites are featured.

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