Iggy Azalea Showy Cleavage For Elle Canada

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bill-swift - March 3, 2016

Don't call it a comeback. Mostly because it hasn't really happened yet. Iggy Azalea had a down year in 2015 after two previous years of hitting in big on all cylinders, including the two she keeps stored away in her hefty hiney. A series of setbacks musically and socially and unnecessary battles left her off her game and with a canceled music tour. But you know it's not the hottie in the fight that counts, it's the fight in the hottie, and Iggy Azalea is officially launching her campaign for the Sextastic Pop Diva Throne once more.

Iggy appears all kinds of cleavy and confident for Elle Canada wherein she admits to the cosmetic surgery rumors that dogged her last year for no apparent reason. She's still not forthcoming on that magically sized thumper of hers, but if she'd be willing to let me inspect with my hands of science for a couple hours, I could probably provide some kind of objective analysis as to their legitimacy. The odds of this happening are about as likely as me getting my own spread in Elle magazine. I'm the victim here. Bend over and cough, Iggy. Let's get to the bottom of this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle Canada

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