Iggy Azalea Bum Rush

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jhanson - July 25, 2016

The fact Iggy Azalea thinks this is a flattering picture speaks to a harsh truth: People are fucking garbage. She's into body modification possibly as a response to a documented rape she is on the record as having enjoyed. You don't hear that much. It's not refreshing. This chick should have turned up in a dumpster.

Obviously it would be best if nobody got butchered by the Grim Sleeper, but assuming it's going to happen, why not her? I have the same theory with terrorism. Please fucking stop. But if you're making a list, Disneyland. Or perhaps an Iggy Azalea concert. That's the circle of life. Not counting the bastard children or baby mama nursing a mean case of Syphilis. They'll be living off that 100k in the bank until Nick Young's shoes get repossessed. Seriously that thing is disgusting. It looks like a Hefty bag full of cat shit or a hot water bottle infused with movie theater margarine. How are you still a thing? I would pay a thousand bucks to not bang. Plenty of guys in the D-League. 

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