Iggy Azalea Booty In Spandex Gas Pumping Adventure

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

If Iggy Azalea wants to continue the ruse that only her topside has been touched up by science, I'm down for games of pretend. Pumping gas in super tight booty hugging Spandex though isn't going to aid in her cause for au natural hiney. It was however the most exciting thing to happen at the service station here in L.A. since, well, since the days when they actually provided service at service stations.

Iggy stopped to pump gas and get about ten thousand oglers in the area cranking their necks to check out her oversized, but entirely enticing thumper on quite a note worthy display in tight stretch pants. Bless you once again, inventor of stretch pants who lives in my pantheon of gods. If Iggy asked her mirror if these yoga pants make me look fat, I hope her mirror answered back, no, they only make you look famous. Well said, mirror mirror. Concur. Real or imagined, that is one sweet seat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI