If You’ve Ever Wondered How America Got So Fat, Here Are 5 Possible Reasons

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bill-swift - August 17, 2012

In not-so-surprising news, a recent report on American obesity from the Centers for Disease Control was released and said that yep, American can be pretty damn fat. The analysis ranked all states in order of obesity and Mississippi led the pack with just under 35% of its population tipping the scales at morbidly obese. Following right on its heels were Louisiana and West Virginia. There are a lot of explanations thrown about to explain why obesity is on the rise in America: we eat too much fast food, we don't exercise enough, our food contains more chemicals and preservatives than it used to. So what's the real answer?

We took a look at the states with the mind-boggingly high obesity rates of 30% and over and hazarded a guess that it might be from the crazy local cuisine they chow down without taking a break from chewing to take a breath. Some of the food ranges from making me want to salivate over my keyboard to making me want to hurl onto it instead.

So check the gallery for the 5 fattest regional dishes in all the land.

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