If You’re Feeling Nostalgic For Crappy Television, This ‘Girl Meets World’ Trailer Is For You

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bill-swift - April 12, 2014

Good news for people enjoy fondly remembering shitty television; The teaser trailer for Girl Meets World is here!

The show is a sequel to Boy Meets World. For those of you too old, too young, or too lucky to remember Boy Meets World, it was a horrible ABC sitcom that ran on Friday nights. Keep in mind that everything that aired on ABC's Friday night lineup (also known as TGIF) was bad, but somehow, this stood out. At least that's my worthless opinion. I guess some of you must have liked Cory and Topanga, or else they wouldn't be bringing it back. So I'm probably the odd man out.

At any rate, if you're a fan, enjoy the clip. But don't hold your breath for Mr. Feeny.

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