If You’re Going to Rob a Rapper, Follow These Simple Rules

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bill-swift - August 23, 2012

Here's a good rule of thumb: If you're going to rob someone's house, make sure they're not home and they're not a jacked hip hop artist whose capable of kicking your ass. That's something one California man was unaware of when he broke into home of Going Back to Brooklyn singer LL Cool J and left without loot, but with several fractured and broken bones thanks to an ass whooping from the NCIS: Los Angeles star.

As TMZ reports, LL didn't take kindly to catching an intruder in his house and left the tramsoemt with a broken nose and jaw. And that's why just like allegedly like Lindsay Lohan, I make sure not rob from anyone bigger or faster than me. It's Home Invasion 101, guys. Come on.

But if you are going to be stupid enough to rob from rappers (you know, those guys who pose on their album covers without shirts on so you can see how ridiculously ripped they are?), here are the ones you should avoid and the ones who are most vulnerable.

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