If You Really Like One-Liners and Have Ten Hours to Kill You Can See All of Our Best ‘Die Hard Moments’ Ever on the Big Screen

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bill-swift - January 17, 2013

To coincide for the release of A Good to Day to Die Hard, Bruce Willis's latest outing as John McClane, Fox is going to be playing all five movies in the franchise in a 10-hour long marathon in select theaters around the country the day before the film's release on February 13th. That's actually a five movie marathon I'd be down to bring a bag of skittles, large soda and pee bucket to and sit through. Though something tells me that there'd be a major bathroom break/intermission/two-hour long hiatus when Live Free or Die Hard starts to play because, let's face it, I'm not really sure anyone involved in making that movie knew they were making a Die Hard films.

But the most recent trailer for the fifth movie in the series has some glimmer of hope of the resurrection of John McClane's character with some wit, one-liners and hopefully (since the film is officially rated R--thank God) a yippee-kay-yay that doesn't have the mofo part bleeped out by the sound of a gun firing. So while jury is still out on whether February 14th will certainly be a good day to Die Hard, check out our Best Die Hard Moments and remember why a marathon of these moments is probably worth 10 hours of your time.

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