If You Find Getting Dragged to ‘Les Mis’ Les Boring, Here Are Five Musical Numbers for the Man in You! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 28, 2012

Okay, we get it, Anne Hathaway'sperformance in Les Miserables is a revelation and Hugh Jackman gives the performance of a lifetime. But if I wanted to sit around and be depressed by the French for three hours, I'd do what I do most afternoons--sit alone in the dark with a hunk of brie cheese the size of a monster truck tire and watch three week-old dvr'd episodes of Wendy Williams.

Musicals and operas are a tough thing for guys to sit through--it's usually about feelings, emotions or some waifish girl in France singing about wanting bread. Even making a bunch of jukebox musicals and watching bad broadway performers sing Journey or Def Leppard songs can't convince guys to want to buy a ticket. But every now and then, a movie musical comes along with musical numbers a guy will actually feel macho for watching (apparently it helps if the song is typically about boobs, murder or sex).

So watch above and below for the manliest musical numbers you can watch without hurting your manhood.

'Everybody Oughta Have a Maid' in order to sleep with them.

Getting a new car is the easiest way to convince girls to let you in their pants.

The Nazis really got a bad rap for no good reason.

South Park reminds us who's really at fault when our kids misbehave.

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