If You Can’t Make It To Comic-Con, ‘Ender’s Game’ Will Come To You (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 19, 2013

Of all the movies at Comic-Con 2013, Ender's Game may have the biggest presence. Not only are they putting on a panel discussion with the stars of the upcoming film, but they're also hosting the Ender's Game Fan Experience, which will give fans access to a large amount of props and set pieces. But what good does that do for the 99.9999% of us who aren't going to Comic-Con? Don't worry, Summit Entertainment has us covered. We get a video to watch in the comfort of our own homes. Huzzah.

The clip features Colonel Hyrum Graff, played by a little-known actor from the 80's named Harrison Ford. You probably remember him best from The Mosquito Coast. At any rate, Graff gives you some background into the world of Ender's Game, and you get to see some explosions, as well. Now doesn't that sound better than standing in a four-hour line to see Harrison Ford in the flesh? *Audible sigh*