If Only This “Back To The Future” Prequel Was Real

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bill-swift - February 19, 2016

We all love Back to The Future. It's pretty much a perfect movie. But one element that we tend to forget about is the subplot in which Doc Brown gets plutonium for the Delorean from Libyan terrorists. It leads to his "death" after he delivers a bomb casing filled with pin ball machine parts and keeps the plutonium for himself. This means that wacky, lovable Doc spent months, maybe years, negotiating with terrorists who wanted him to create a nuclear bomb. That's fairly disturbing. Then he had to actually get the plutonium through theft. We tend to forget that. In this fan made trailer, we see the backstory of Doc working with terrorists to achieve his goal of making a time machine out of a cool car.

In a way the movie was ahead of its time. In 1985, we were not as hyper aware of terrorism as we are today. If this happened today, Doc would be taken to Guantanamo by Homeland Security. 

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