If Only Jessica Biel Wasn’t Wearing a Bra

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bill-swift - March 7, 2007

Check it out, you can totally see through Jessica Biel's top. Too bad she's wearing a damn bra. With amazing breasts like hers, you'd think Jessica Biel might want to show them off a bit more.

Now you might say "but her top is already really low cut, and you should be happy with whatever cleavage she gives you," and normally, I'd agree, but to remain competitive in today's high-stakes world of celebrity popularity, you've really got to go that extra step.

Jessica Biel should really take some tips from Linsday Lohan's see-through efforts, and ditch the bra. Trust me, Jessica Biel's nipples would go a very long way towards increasing her popularity.

There are a ton more pictures of Jessica Biel after the jump, so do yourself a favour, and check them out.