If Marc Webb Passes on ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’, Then These Guys Should Direct It

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bill-swift - July 25, 2012

Word on the street is that Marc Webb might not come back to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When asked, Webb responded that he hasn't really decided yet on directing the Spiderman sequel. But it looks like the choice isn't entirely up to him, as he still owes Fox a post-500 Days of Summer sequel.

A lot of people didn't agree with Webb's vision for The Amazing Spider-Man. But to be honest, I found the movie pretty good. Sure, it had its flaws--but what movie doesn't? Overall, the story was good, the effects were above average, and seeing Andrew Garfield play opposite Emma Stone was pretty refreshing.

So in the event that Webb really doesn't come back to pick up where The Amazing Spider-Man left off, who do you think should direct it? Check out the gallery to see who we think should take over Webb's reigns.