Idiot of the Year: Counterfeiter Returns Printer With Sheet of Fake Hundreds Still Inside

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bill-swift - March 15, 2013

If you've got half a brain, then you know printing money requires more than just your average inkjet printer. It seems like no one told this fella, because he attempted to print thousands worth of dollars on his home printer. The only reason people found out was because he forgot to take a sheet of fake hundreds out of his printer when he returned it to his local Walmart.

That was when hell and hilarity ensued.

Jarad S. Carr was arrested after an altercation at the Walmart returns desk. He was trying to return his printer without a receipt and because he was being a pushy ass over it, employees inspected the gadget, which led them to find the sheet of fake hundreds. Jarad put up a fight but he got arrested, eventually.

What a doofus.

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