I’d Like to Come Between Zoe Saldana and Her Calvins! (VIDEOS)

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bill-swift - August 30, 2010

Zoe Saldana, oh, you underrated hottie. Seriously, you don't see her on many Top 10 lists, but I'll tell you this, she's right up there with some of the sexiest of the sexy celebrities today. A smoking hot Latina with a body that models, let alone actresses, dream of having. I know I've dreamed of having her body once or thrice, especially when freeze-framing Avatar, because even blue and rendered ten-feet tall, Zoe Saldana still drops the sexy bomb. Now as the featured Calvin Klein underwear girl, well, great choice by whoever it was on Calvin Klein's team who appreciates hot women. Okay, I have no idea what Zoe Saldana is talking about in the videos from the photoshoot, something about how underwear can save the world or something, which, when on her hot body, I'm inclined to believe is quite possible. Enjoy.

First, the high-res photos of the super sexy Zoe Saldana from the promotional shoot:

If you want to see Zoe Saldana moving in her panties and bra and all lifelike, catch these videos from behind the scenes:

Watch the Behind the Scenes Clips