I’d Kill For Dessert: ‘Dexter’ Killer Combo Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich

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bill-swift - June 28, 2013

If ice cream could kill, then anyone who's tried the Dexter 'killer' combo gourmet ice cream sandwich by Coolhaus would be dead. These specially-packaged frozen treats were made to commemorate the new season of the hit show on Showtime Networks.

The 'killer' combo attempts to capture the light and dark sides of Dexter's personality by using a light and dark cookie in the sandwich. The dark one is Double Chocolate, while the light one is Snickerdoodle. In between these conflicting layers is a thick slab of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a bloody Cherry Swirl. It ain't Dexter if it's got no trace of blood on it.

Coolhaus sells a bunch of other flavors of ice cream sandwiches which are available in most grocery stores. Just check the freezer--you might spot a flavor you like.

Get It: $29.95

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