IcyBreeze is a Cooler and Portable Air Conditioner In One

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bill-swift - July 24, 2014

Now this is a cooler that'll make both you and your girl happy. First of all, the IcyBreeze is a cooler, so it'll keep your booze cold like you like it even when it's crazy hot out. Second, it also doubles as a portable air conditioner, so you don't have to listen to your girl crab about the heat since it'll keep her cool (kind of beats the point about being outdoors and soaking up the sun, but, well, women.)

Just fill it up with ice as you would with a regular old cooler to keep drinks cool. When you want to use it as an air conditioner too, just pour some water in and extend the hose on top. Easy, breezy.

Get It: $279

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