I Want To See Star Trek Into Darkness With Maria Menounos’ Booty

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bill-swift - May 16, 2013

There's no denying I'm super geeked to see Star Trek Into Darkness this Friday.

The only way to elevate that geeked-ness to levels beyond quantitative science would be to escort Maria Menounos and her just chillingly amazing booty to the movies. The derriere of the Greek goddess was on display last night at the Hollywood premiere of STID (not to be confused with the STDs Maria and I would passionately exchange later on in the evening). What a bottom this sextastic woman has.

It's always been there, it's always been great, but, of late, it's just churning out heat like a badonkadonk supernova. I want it. And I want to take it to the movies. I wonder if Maria would find it rude if I asked her to watch Star Trek next to me while sitting with her knees on the chair and facing backwards to the screen. You can't know for sure until you ask I guess. Enjoy.