I Want to Get Inside Carey Mulligan…’s Psyche in the Coen Bros’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 25, 2013

The Coen Brothers are something of an enigma. They make films for themselves. Sometimes these films define a generation of college kids who want to quote movies (Big Lebowski) but haven't memorized every line from Anchorman yet, and then sometimes they made films with very acute plots that no one can really identify with (A Serious Man). At least everyone can agree they like to watch Javier Bardem nail people in the head with compressed air in No Country for Old Man.  And now a trailer for their newest film, Inside Llewyn Davis, has been released and I'm not sure where on the Coen Bros. barometer the film will fall.

A tale about a Bob Dylan-esque musician looking to make it in the folk music scene of the 60s and based loosely on the memoirs of Greenwich Village folk singer Dave Van Ronk, the footage from the trailer goes back and forth between somber and dreary to John Goodman doing his whole John Goodman thing from O, Brother. Oh, and it co-stars Carey Mulligan. Sorry, didn't mean to bury the lead there, despite the fact that she's spent an inordinate amount of time getting LaBeouf'd on a nightly basis, I'd still watch anything she's in.

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