I hate this cutesy crap for Halloween

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editor - November 2, 2010

Let me preface this by saying you can wear something cute for Halloween and still look fantastic. Like super famous porn star Kristina Rose did (twitter). She wore a cowgirl costume backwards. She's a Reverse Cowgirl. Get it? Do you get it? It's adorable, and really slutty. Just like Kristina.

That's the right way to do a cute costume. Amanda Seyfried and Alyson Hannigan did it the wrong way.

Hannigan went as… I don't know. Wendy? Carrot Top? I get that she was with her dumb ass kid but that things first memory was using mom as a slide, so he's seen worse. Besides, that little bastards skull hasn't even hardened yet, he's not gonna remember if dad got an erection one Halloween.

Seyfried was no better. The only thing I'll say in her defense is that she dressed up as a dog and went to this party with Ryan Phillipe, who was wearing an Eagles cap. So maybe this was some super edgy Mike Vick thing. In which case, HOLY SHIT this bitch is hardcore. "Boo, Boooo, Too Soon, TOO SOON!"

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