I Got a Degree in Superhero Studies: University Offers ‘Science of Batman’ Course

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bill-swift - May 2, 2013

The University of Victoria in British Columbia has officially become one of the world's awesomest schools to study in. At least, in my books, anyway. They recently updated their site to add information about a course they call the 'Science of Batman.'

To prevent parents from thinking that they're sending their kids off to school for nothing, the University quickly describes it as a course that studies the adaptability of the human body and evaluates the concepts of adaptation to exercise and injury. In short, teachers will be studying how Batman manages to do all that he does without dropping dead after facing off with countless villains.

'Science of Batman' is listed as an undergraduate course in Exercise Science, Physical, and Health Education. I'm pretty sure students will be treated to slow-mo clips of Bruce Wayne doing his thing and all I can say is.. Where do I sign up?

Check It Out: UVIC

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