Hurricane Sandy Presents The Hottest Chicks in Disaster Flicks!

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bill-swift - October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has galvanized all of us to hate our East Coast friends who refuse to stop posting on Facebook how they have no power or internet or food! Christ, get over yourselves. But there's no denying the storm has left a true wake of disaster in its path and has left millions without electricity. Which means they only have so much battery power left on their laptops to watch disaster movies before the juice drains and they're left communicating to their loved ones with speech. Where's Liam Neeson's character from Nell when you need him?

So as we  all watch movies about epic disasters on a Hollywood scale and budget together, we can be sure of two things. One--If the country can recover from a meteor disaster, or a new Ice Age, we'll recover from Sandy. And Two--It ain't a disaster movie unless there's some hot chick in peril cast in it. Which is why we take a look at the hottest chicks in disaster flicks. Women so beautiful and stunning, that not even an alien invasion or glacier to the face can wash their make-up away.

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