Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino Shipped Out By Philadelphia Phillies

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michael-garcia - August 1, 2012

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking to the future, because right now they're struggling so why not unload some good players when you can get some prospects in return? It's the time-honored tradition in Major League Baseball; inevitably some team who was supposed to do well isn't, and just throws up their hands and lets more competitive teams harvest their roster.

Today, the Phillies traded away center fielder Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a reliever and a minor league pitching prospect. Then the Phillies made Shane's former teammate Hunter Pence his newest enemy, sending the outfielder to the San Francisco Giants. The Phils get relief pitcher Nate Schierholtz and a couple of minor league arms in return.

The Phillies did however take pitcher Cliff Lee off the trading block, because with his one win and $20 million a year contract, he's a bargain.

Philadelphia is currently last in the National League East.

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