Humpday Huzzah! Jordan Carver Tangled Up in Bloobs

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bill-swift - April 12, 2012

What work week is not an effin' grind, I ask you. They all are, but this Spring week feels like a real nut-squeeze of a timeline, a grind, if you will, and the fact that we've made it halfway through this mother, well, we're going to celebrate with a memorable Huzzah courtesy of Jordan Carver and her delicious Double-H bodacious funbags. They're not so much chest puppies and chest monsters, but the good kind of monster, the kind that takes your prisoner, but then feeds your warm milk daily in your cage. I could be a very happy prisoner in such a scenario.

In her latest cosplay scene, Jordan Carver takes her ginormous melons off the fields into close to the barn, with her own mounds pressing flesh with the hay. I'll say this for Jordan Carver, she's never boring, and never ever not double-H. Enjoy.