Hulu Considering Ridiculously Expensive Ad-Free Subscription

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bill-swift - July 18, 2015

There's this restaurant down the street from where I live that is completely oblivious to how much things are supposed to cost. Every weekend I walk by and the sandwich board out front will say something like, "Burger and a pint only $20," or "Happy hour special: $12 cocktails!" And every time I'm like, uh, guys, that's not a deal. That's actually pretty expensive. 

I mention this because the executives at Hulu think the same way. According to the Wall Street Journal, the streaming service is thinking of offering an ad-free subscription called NOAH (No-Ads Hulu), which is fantastic. What's not fantastic is that it's believed this new subscription will cost $12-$14 on top of the $7.99 you're already paying. 

It's like they don't know how much other streaming services cost! Netflix is $7.99/month and there are no commercials. Amazon Prime works out to $8.33/month, there are no commercials, and you get free two-day shipping.

Of course, Netflix and Amazon don't offer quite as much original super-premium content as Hulu Plus. But is the Hulu Plus content twice as good as that on Netflix? I don't know about that. It's not like Hulu has the first run of AMC shows (Walking Dead) or HBO shows (Game of Thrones). 

What do you think, internet? Is that valuation crazy, or am I just really cheap?

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