Hulk Hogan Royal Rumbles His Way to Win Creepiest Parent of the Year Award

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

This tweet from the Hulkster of daughter Brooke might only say 'Brooke's legs' but a picture is worth a thousand words and at least seven of them are 'I have the hots for my daughter'. There's been a long history of excessive creepiness between Hulk Hogan and his daughter and this is just the tip of the iceberg--and that's not even counting the fact that Hogan's girlfriend looks like the spitting image of Brooke. So hey, the guy's got a type.

Maybe all those years in the ring left Hulk a little confused and he was merely trying to remember his Anatomy 101. Maybe the follow up photo was going to a picture of his girl's hand, tweeted out with 'Brooke's fingers.' Remember that movie Regarding Henry? Where Harrison Ford gets shot int he head and has to teach himself out to speak again. Maybe it's like that. The Hulkster is just trying to remember certain things and the photo method helps him retain information. Or maybe he's just really really creepy about his daughter.

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