How’s ‘Alien: Isolation’ Working Out For You? Being Murdered Horribly? It’s Okay, So’s Everybody Else (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - October 9, 2014

And so Alien: Isolation is upon us. This little slice of survival horror made some ambitious PRtastic promises before release (y'know, an-Alien-game-that-isn't-shit-for-once, that sort of thing), and now it's time to deliver.

We were wary, and rightly so. Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the terrible ballache it turned out to be? Of course you do. That's the whole reason you have trust issues. We feel your pain, brother.

But fear not. While Isolation won't set your eyes, ears and gonads alight with its pure glorious gaming goodness, it isn't half bad. Reception has been modest to pretty great. It's "...a taut, confident, and electrifying horror game that perfectly captures the essence of Ridley Scott's legendary film," quoth PCGamer, and that's some praise right there.

It's also utterly brutal, and a real bitch. Youtube is awash with Let's Play-ers getting impaled by furious xenomorphs, and it's a sight to see. To get a taste, check out Kotaku's Jim Sterling cruising through the Nostromo's medical complex above. He's "...terrified to even effing move," apparently.

Hit the link for more Isolation gameplay videos, including from the much-ballyhooed PewDiePie.