How Zooey Deschanel Charmed America

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bill-swift - February 21, 2012

Let's face it, every single male in the world over the last six months or so, has fallen in love with Zooey Deschanel. The recently single, unbelievably pretty, singer and actress has, with the help of FOX's new comedy New Girl risen to the precipice of being America's new sweetheart.

The charismatically quirky brunette has been a revelation as Jess on New Girl and her relatable and unconventional behaviour have made her eternally relatable. Here are the main reasons why everyone wants a piece of the girl with the hardest name to spell in show business.

Her Terrible Choice In Men.

Zooey's aloof nature in New Girl means that she is constantly turning off men with her bizarre antics. But the partners that she actually ends up picking turn out to be complete fools themselves who are either more focused on their haircuts to care for our girl or too timid to rush her off her feet. All of this makes her seem that little bit more viable.

It's Impossible To Make Her Ugly.

The writers, directors and production staff on New Girl are constantly looking to make Zooey appear ugly. They dress her in kooky pieces of clothing, make her hair scruffy or have her cry, a lot, so that she become unfashionably repellent. Don't they know that it's impossible to make the girl unlikable?

She Spontaneously Sings.

Zooey's disney-fied personality comes out the most when she drops all normal kinds of communication and sings her thoughts and feelings to the general people. Rather than being annoying it's actually quite alluring and charming and has become as beautiful as a birds chirp. I promise you I am not a stalker.

Article by Gregory Wakeman