How to Make a Grand Exit at Your Beach Wedding (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 29, 2012

Wedding vows are serious, but the actual wedding itself doesn't have to be. If you're at that certain age where people are getting hitched left and right, then you probably breathed a sigh of relief once the wedding months were over.

But you might change your mind about how you feel about weddings after checking out the video in the player above.

When you hit play, you'll see former wedding planner Amanda Volf and her new groom Grant Engler take their first ride as man and wife--on water-powered jetpacks! Amanda explains that she's had her fill of serious weddings (haven't we all?), so she decided to do something totally different when she tied the knot with Grant.

Now it's not as 'grand' as you probably imagined, since the couple just hovers a few feet above the surface of the water. But it's better than watching them drive away in a convertible while clunking cans follow them from behind, right?

Who knows? Maybe you might be inspired to come up with your own grand exit (or grand entrance) after checking out Amanda and Grant's video.

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