How to Get Wet, Random Girls to Kiss You (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 16, 2013

All you need to get hot random girls to kiss you is a hose, a clipboard, and someone off to one side holding a camera. Of course, it helps if you're wearing threads that make it looks like you're some hotshot director (or wannabe actor), because that's the whole point of this whole scam prank: getting girls to kiss you ala The Notebook style.

Admit it, you've seen that kiss--whether it was because some girl dragged you to screening of the movie or you saw it on some funny meme on Reddit. The good news is that girls dig that kiss. What I'm telling you is that guys should, too. Not for the cheesiness or cornyness of it all, but for the fact that dudes can use it to get wet girls to kiss them, and in nothing but their undies, no less!

This prank was brought to you by the guys from How To Disturb Reality. And here's our non-disclaimer: Do try this at home.

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